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Hayley our first daughter was born on the 5th April 1996, She   
was a healthy little girl weighing 7lb exactly, She gave us as a   
family so much joy and happiness, she had lots of dark hair   
which in time became these beautiful mass of curls.
In December 1998 we had our second Daughter Leah, Leah had such fine blonde hair  
with such a cheeky little face and again, so much happiness and joy was upon us.They  
grew up together with such closeness and Happiness
as a family with her grandparents, aunties, Uncles and  cousins.  
She spent lots of time with Grandma Marcia,  camping with  
scouts and on Holidays,They had so much fun  and happy  
times, but in December 2004 Hayley became unwell, tired and  
had to undergo tests from the local G.P, she had some blood  
tests taken.
On the morning of the 24th of December  Christmas Eve  
2004 came a knock at the door, it was the Doctor who  
had done the blood tests,  with the devastating news  
that Hayley had been diagnosed with Leukemia at the  
age of 8yrs old.
Hayley had to start treatment immediately that day and was taken to  
Pendlebury Childrens Hospital Manchester and underwent 2 and 1/2  
years of invasive treatment and chemotherapy. In September  2007  
approaching Hayley final stages of treatment, we had our Son. Leighton  
& Hayley & Leah were so proud of him, and  cherished him.
Hayley finished her treatment in around May 2008 and she resumed her normal happy life, enjoying school and time with her family and friends. When Hayley went to High School, she loved every minute of it and was so academic, she took her Schooling seriously but also enjoyed quality time with her friends. But in September 2009 Hayley began feeling tired and unwell, she recognised the all to familiar symptoms and underwent tests again and on the 7th October 2009 it was confirmed that the Leukemia had returned.
Hayley started her Treatment again, it wasn't long into the treatment that it was discovered that Hayley needed a bone marrow transplant and the search was on to find a match.
In March 2010, Hayley had the transplant but suffered complications. Hayley was such a fighter and nothing ever phased her and she bounced back with her gorgeous smile on her beautiful face. Unfortunately Hayley developed GVHD of the skin & lungs (Graft versus Host Disease) which is where the Donor is fighting her body as it knows it shouldn't be there. She didn't let this phase her and she studied exceptionally hard and did most of her GCSE's in Hospital. She did absolutely amazingly achieving 1A*, 5A’s, 2B's and in her words a disappointing C.
She then went on to College studying A level Chemistry, Biology and Maths, attending College with her little oxygen bottle on her back, after a time this became a struggle and it became too much. College had to go on hold. It became apparent that the treatments and therapies had failed and Hayley would have to have oxygen 24/7
We were informed Hayley needed a double lung transplant. When  
Hayley got on the list, the wait seemed forever and she had ups and  
downs, at one point she was so ill they took her off the active list for  
a spell. As usual she fought with every ounce of determination and  
once again bounced back, she amazed everyone and got back on  
the list. Again the wait continued.
On Friday the 9th August, Hayley went into Hospital to have a course of antibiotics to be  
given over the weekend via her line, she was due to go on a  Family Holiday the following  
Monday, but on the evening of the 9th August, they got the call. They had some possible  
Lungs for Hayley, pending tests and match  This was it, it was exciting, relief and fright all  
in one mixed emotion.
During the early hours of the 10th August she  
got the thumbs up and was prepped for theatre.  
Hayley said to us there and then, “No regrets”,  
she gave the nurses the thumbs up with the  
biggest smile and said ''come on I'm good to  
go''. She underwent the 10 hour transplant  
operation. It was the longest 10 hours of our  
lives, but all went well. The lungs were perfect  
and She was sat up trying her best to talk the  
very next day, that week she did absolutely  
For the first time in 12 months without her oxygen and was out of intensive care in no  
time.Then suddenly things took a turn, but not the way we wanted. Hayley developed  
infections and had to go back onto intensive care and had to be ventilated again. She  
fought with everything she had, but she was getting weaker and weaker.
Heart wrenchingly after her biggest fight Hayley passed away  
on the night of the 2nd October 2013. Hayley was so  
passionate about raising awareness for the Anthony Nolan  
Trust and Organ Donation. She wanted to get as many people  
to sign up as possible this was one of her goals.
She always said when she was better she wanted to set  
up a charity and help. To do something to make  
difference, to give something back. This is where Hayley's  
Hugs comes to you today. We want to keep Hayley's wish  
going to fulfil, her dreams...... Bringing if only a smile to a  
little one, we have to make it happen.
We aim to achieve with this charity to Raise money to buy  
presents to give out on Christmas Eve to the Children and  
families who are in Hospital over the Christmas period.
Its so hard at Christmastime when families are parted and  
little ones are in hospital, time together is so precious and  
we just want to give a little back. We know from when we  
spent time in hospital over Christmas, that that little  
something makes such a big difference to their day
We also grant wishes throughout the year, please  
visit our gallery or Facebook page to see some  
wishes granted & everything we do.