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A Little Bit About Us

Hi just a little introduction to Hayley’s family.
Hayley’s journey since being diagnosed with  
Leukemia has been a tough one. We are a  
strong and close family and have a fantastic  
circle of family & friends. As we have  
mentioned before Hayley was first  
diagnosed on Christmas Eve. We  
understand being in hospital around this time  
of year is so hard, especially when you want  
to be around your family. Time together is so  
precious. We feel we needed to make an  
annual event in Hayley’s honour to take place  
on Christmas Eve.
Hayley always said throughout her journey that when she was better she  
wanted to make a difference and give something back,.She wanted to help  
children with not only Cancer but with other life threatening illness too, so this is  
where Hayley’s Hugs comes into play. We as a family decided to keep  
Hayley’s memory and wish alive. Our main goal is to be able to buy Christmas  
presents every year and take them to Children in Hospital on Christmas Eve  
and bring smiles to their faces, even if only for a second and grant wishes  
throughout the year.. We really want to make this happen. Please help us make  
a difference by Donating below.....